LogOnline is the innovative online monitoring and registration service of CasCade Automation Systems B.V. LogOnline takes care of your temperature measurements and registration via the internet and automatically converts the data into a handy report. You will also receive a notification if the limit values ​​you have set are exceeded by e-mail or SMS. In short: a completely integrated service that combines efficiency with significant cost savings. Many companies have now discovered the good concept of LogOnline!

LogOnline can be connected to various equipment, including our Heat managers and EasyLog recorders. However, hospitals, laboratories and other permanent installations often use the Spydaq systems. The brochure of the Spydaq systems can be found below.

SpYdaq system

Wireless monitoring and registration system with connection to LogOnline
– Leaflet SpYdaq


Online registration service and cloud solution
LogOnline website
Leaflet LogOnline
LogOnline manual
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LogOnline features

  • No more filling out forms or logs; no more manual (temperature) registration needed;
  • No expensive computers or infrastructure required on site;
  • Low purchase costs, no maintenance costs and no worries about periodic recalibration or calibration;
  • Your data is available anywhere, anytime, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year;
  • Through continuous measurement and the alarm option of LogOnline you can work preventively and prevent damage;
  • Savings on your insurance premium;

Areas of application;

  • HACCP, catering establishments, cafeteria and industrial kitchens;
  • Healthcare institutions such as old people’s homes, nursing homes and hospitals;
  • Heat treatments in industry;
  • Food industry;
  • Laboratories and pharmacies;
  • Refrigeration technology

How does it work?

The LogOnline data box to which the sensors are connected collects the measurement data and passes it on to our specially secured data server. The LogOnline data server logs all data at intervals of ± 1 minute and processes it in the database. Your Login name and password will take you to your own secure area of ​​the site and you can view your data in table and graph overviews. You can also directly download and / or print the report in .pdf format. You can also apply triggers yourself at those measuring points of which you wish to be notified if a certain limit is exceeded. Who is LogOnline intended for?

For anyone who has to register and monitor temperatures due to quality control, legislation or for any other reason, but finds this expensive, time consuming and cumbersome. LogOnline takes this care off your hands completely. Incidentally, other quantities such as, for example, relative humidity can also be registered.