CD3000s series

  • available load types:
    • 1 phase: resistive and infrared (IR) lamp
    • 2 phase: 2 leg switching 3 phase load star or delta resistive loads or infrared (IR) lamp
    • 3 phase: resistive only
  • maximum load current: 10-90A (1/2 phase) /15-90A (3 phase)
  • load voltage range: 24-480Vac
  • maximum load voltage: 240 (1 phase ) or 480Vac, optional 600Vac
  • on/off zero cross firing with logic input on/off signal (4-30Vdc)
  • optional for 1 phase (35-90A) or 2 phase (45-90A) units:
    • modulating burst firing with 4-20mA/0-10Vdc input signal.
    • heater break alarm 
  • optional for all units:
    • external fuse holder with or without super fast fuses

CD3000s series catalogue
CD3000s 1 phase
CD3000s 2 phase
CD3000s 3 phase

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Heater break alarm

The load is constantly monitored to detect if there is no short circuit or broken heating element.

Burst firing

Burst firing mode has the benefit of reduced noise on the power net.