FB series

The RKC Instrument FB series is an advanced series of temperature / process controllers with a very fast measurement frequency of only 0.05 seconds, which results in 20 PID calculations per second. This enables a very tight and accurate control of difficult to control processes.  The FB has recipe storage for eight settings and intercontroller communication for cascaded and master-slave functions.

De FB series comes in three sizes:
– FB100
– FB400
– FB900

– Leaflet FB100 series
– Leaflet FB400/900 series
Instruction Manual FB series

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Large display
display fb series

Clear and bright 5-digit display.
Easy to read from a distance.

Ramp/soak control

A profile of up to 16 segments (8 steps) can be realised in an easy way.


With the COM K2 you can connect the service port of the controller to an USB port of your laptop/desktop. With this connection you can configure the controller very easily.


The free PROTEM2 software can be used to easily configure the parameters of your controller. Click here to download the free software.

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