GZ series

The RKC Instrument GZ series is a modern and advanced series of temperature / process controllers with a a very high speed measurement frequency of only 0.01 seconds, which results in 100 measurements & PID calculations per second. This enables a very tight and accurate control of even the most difficult to control processes in the semiconductor industry.  The GZ has recipe storage for 16 settings and intercontroller communication. Two input control is also possible.

The GZ series is available in 2 sizes:
– GZ400
– GZ900

– Leaflet GZ series
– Instruction manual (part 1: hardware)
– Instruction manual (part 2: parameters/functions)

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Control fast processes with the 10msec (0.01s) ultra-fast control algorithm

Ultra fast measuring frequency

The GZ series is characterized by its super fast measuring frequency of 0.01 sec. which results in 100 measurements and PID calculations per second. This enables control of even the most difficult processes.

Control fast processes with 100 measurements & PID calculations per second
overshoot suppression
Advanced Pro-active control with overshoot & undershoot suppression
Application: fast processes with 100 measurements & PID calculations per second
Extruder speed control
Extruder speed control with resin pressure sensor
flow control
Flow Control
pressure control
Pressure control
Temperature calibrator
RTP rapid thermal processing
Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP)
Flip chip bonder
Flip chip bonding
Hot bar bonding
Hot Bar bonding
2 loop control: 2 PID control loops available
2 PID loop control

Temperature control with 2 independent PID control loops.

PID control with 2 analog inputs
2 input PID control

The desired input for high or low temperature can be selected:

  • automatically (at a specific temperature)
  • with an external digital input signal
Pro-active advanced PID control with overshoot and undershoot suppression
Pro-active advanced PID control

The GZ controller works with pro-active advanced PID control strategy. 

  • left: suppress overshoot after process startup
  • middle: suppress overshoot at setvalue change (stepwise change of process setpoint)
  • right: suppress undershoot and overshoot when a sudden external disturbance of the process occurs 
Flexible input calibration: correct non-linearity of input sensor
Flexible input calibration

The non-linearity of the input sensor can be corrected with a table of correction values. This enables an even more stable and accurate control.


With the COM_K2 you can connect your controller via a USB port to your laptop / desktop.


With the PROTEM2 software you can easily manage parameters of your controller from your computer.