HA930 series

The RKC Instrument HA930 series is a modern and advanced series of temperature / process controllers specially developed for resin pressure & temperature control in plastics industry applications (i.e. extruders).

A measurement frequency of only 0.025 seconds, which results in 40 measurements & PID calculations per second. enables a very tight and accurate control of the resin pressure & temperature.

The HA930 series is available in 1 size: 96 x 96mm 1/4 DIN size

– Leaflet HA930 series
– Operation manual HA930 series  
– Instruction manual HA930 (hardware & setup/configuration)
– Instruction manual HA930 (communication)

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The specifically developed CZ-200P (both pressure & temperature) and CZ-100P (pressure only) sensors enable a seamless integration for accurate control of the resin.

The T-270 series resin temperature thermocouples are specially designed for high accuracy resin temperature measurement in extruders.

HA930 extruder resin pressure & temperature controller

Control resin pressure & temperature fast & accurate with the 25msec (0.025s)   ultra-fast control algorithm

Extruder resin pressure and temperature control
Seamless integration with CZ series dedicated pressure & temperature sensors
RKC Instrument T-270Z extruder thermocouple
dedicated T-270 temperature sensor for accurate resin temperature measurement & control
2 channel: control both pressure & temperature with 1 controller
RKC HA930 extruder temperature & pressure controller

The HA930 is a 2 channel controller. This enables both resin pressure & temperature control with only 1 unit. You can use separate pressure & temperature sensors (i.e. CZ-100P pressure only transducer & T-260/270 thermocouple) or the integrated CZ-200P sensor which measures both pressure & temperature in 1 sensor device.

Control resin pressure & temperature very accurately with 40 measurements & PID calculations per second
HA930 melt pressure & temperature controller
Direct access keys for fast & easy operation

Quick switching between auto/manual, remote/local and run/stop with direct access keys, which can be disabled to prevent accidental key operation.

Accurate resin pressure & temperature control with 40 measurements & PID calculations per second
HA930 resin pressure controller
Extruder speed control with resin pressure sensor

With the COM_K2 you can connect your controller via a USB port to your laptop / desktop.


With the PROTEM2 software you can easily manage parameters of your controller from your computer.