HeatManager Pro

Easy mode programming

All 6 or 12 channels can be programmed in a simple way for a normal ramp-up, soak and ramp-down profile.

The profiles can be programmed in either °C or °F. This can be selected by the user.

easy mode: ramp-up, soak and ramp-down

Normal mode programming

All 6 or 12 channels can also be programmed in a 7 separate steps. Each step contains a ramp up (or down) and a soak time or dwell time.

The profiles can be programmed in either °C or °F. This can be selected by the user.

normal mode: 7 segments ramp up/down + soak

Combine batch/workpiece related data and the temperature registration into a report with CasCade Reporter

batch data screen in HeatManager
batch data screen in HeatManager

Before starting a heat-treatment, information regarding the workpiece and the heat-treatment operation can be entered by the heat-treater. This information will be stored together with the temperature registration inside the HeatManager.

CasCade Reporter windows application

After (or even during) the heat-treatment (i.e. cooldown phase) the CasCade Reporter retrieves the entered batch information and temperature registration from the HeatManager (also from a remote location i.e. the central office). With just a few clicks this information can be converted into a report for the customer.

The CasCade Reporter can be used to monitor multiple HeatManagers at different locations at once.

Up to 5 HeatManager Pro units can be interlinked

fixed I.P. addresses for master and slave HeatManagers
  • Up to a maximum of 5 HeatManager Pro units can be interconnected via ethernet connection.
  • These units can either be 6 or 12 channel HeatManagers.
  • Any number of HeatManager Pro’s, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5, can be interconnected. This results into a max. 5x 12 channel = 60 channel heat-treatment system for complex heat-treatments.
  • There is always 1 master HeatManager Pro and the slave(s) read the desired temperature setpoint and start/stop commands from this master HeatManager Pro.
  • The master HeatManager Pro continously monitors if one of its slave units is sending an auto-hold command (because of a too large deviation between measured and desired temperature) and holds its profile when 1 of the slave(s) requests it.
  • When the communication between the master and slave(s) stops, the slave(s) automatically switch to stop status, for safety reasons.
  • The last number in the IP address determines if that specific HeatManager Pro is either a master (.210) or slave 1 (.211) up to slave 4 (.214).

See the link below for more details and settings.

HeatManager Pro Interlink Master-Slave setting and remote operation

Optional digital outputs controlled by temperature measurements

The optional digital output module can be used for various functionality:

  • control status of output contacts depending on temperature deviation:
    • welders’ light (green: temperature ok, welding allowed, red: stop and wait with welding)
    • switch burner on/off (controlling of the heat-demand signal) 
  • control status of output contacts in case of alarms:
    • temperature deviation alarm (i.e. sticking Albright relay contact)
    • broken thermocouple signal

Select option DO when you want to add this feature to your HeatManager Pro.

Optional remotely triggered emergency stop: power off to heating elements in case of trouble

remote device triggers digital output and this triggers switchoff of main circuit breaker feeding the heating elements

With the optional digital output module installed in the HeatManager Pro, it is possible to cut the power to the heating elements remotely, in case of emergency (i.e. Albright contactor has welded contacts and does not open, therefore temperature keeps rising).

How does this work?

  1. The tablet (or smartphone or windows PC) has a remote connection via the Pro-face app to the HeatManager touchpanel in the heat-treatment unit.
  2. In case of an emergency the emergency stop button in the main-menu of the HeatManager touchpanel is tapped (remotely! on the remote connected device!)
  3. This triggers a digital output contact on the DO module to open.
  4. With this a so-called undervoltage coil inside the main circuit breaker doesn’t receive power anymore and therefore trips the switch to off (actually, an -inbetween- situation: trip)
  5. This switch can only be reset back to on by a locally present operator by hand by first switching it from trip to off, and then from off back to on.

Note: only trip the power to the power switching devices with this switch (i.e. Albright relay power input side), so the HeatManager itself remains under power and can be viewed remotely, including the actual temperatures of the workpiece.

Select option DO when you want to add this feature to your HeatManager Connect.

Maintenance free thyristormodules to replace Albright relays

The Albright contactors can have welded contacts (with unwanted rise of temperature during a post-weld heat-treatment) and need maintenance over time.

To create a better solution, CasCade developed compact 6 channel 136A 480Vac thyristor unit modules, to replace these Albright relays with a more reliable and rugged solution that needs no maintenance.

Revo SX 6x 136A 480Vac thyristor module brochure

HeatManager Pro ordercode

Information and manuals

General information

For the heat-treatment technician operating the HeatManager

For the heat-treatment unit builder and service technician

Specification of all HeatManager Pro features:

  • 6 or 12 channel control and/or recording
  • no profile database
  • manual profile programming per channel in either 7 ramp up/soak/ramp down steps in normal mode or in easy mode 3 steps (ramp up, soak, ramp down) for all channels
  • running profile can continuously be altered while being executed
  • channel configuration: programmer, slave of a programmer, connected via interlink to master-heatmanager or unused
  • auto hold programmer: when actual temperature of the programmer, or one of the (remote) slave(s) deviates more than allowed from the desired temperature: the programmer is halted until the measured temperatures are within the adjusted limits. Then the programmer continues. This function can be enabled or disabled.
  • continous ring-buffer (FIFO first in, first out) temperature registration (one large CSV file containing measurements of multiple heatings)
  • adjustable temperature measurement interval
  • temperature registration storage in battery backup memory and in parallel also on either SD card or USB stick (when inserted)
  • interlink of max. 5 pieces 6 (or 12) channel HeatManagers with ethernet possible. Slave HeatManagers follow the profile of master-HeatManager channel 1 with up to max. 59 slaves.
  • batch-related work-piece data can be entered by the user before starting. This information is stored in a separate CSV file together with the recorded temperature
  • remote quick & easy report generation with the free CasCade Reporter tool (FTP connection to heatmanager) with customer logo as watermark on the registration
  • multilanguage operation switchable by user (English/German/Dutch)
  • remote operation via smartphone/tablet/windows PC (note: Apple devices require a licence for Pro-face app)
  • can also work as a very reliable and accurate temperature recorder
  • standard 6″ touch screen
  • standard available as OEM (separate parts) for integration in heat-treatment unit)
  • control output type: standard potential free relay contact 250Vac 3A (resistive load). For electromagnetic contactors (inductive loads) extra control relays are advised
  • wide input range power supply: 100-240Vac 50/60Hz
  • industry 4.0 ready remote operation/monitoring possible with Modbus TCP interface. This enables easy integration into existing systems. The modbus TCP address list is available on request.
  • The profiles can be programmed in either °C or °F. This can be selected by the user.
  • optional
    • 4 or 8″ touch screen
    • HeatManager built inside rugged stainless steel housing in RAL colour to your specification
    • control output type: SSR/4-20mA/0-10Vdc
    • parallel temperature registration on our cloud based LogOnline server
    • digital output module for extra functionality (switch on temperature deviation, burner start/stop command, alarming, remote emergency stop signal for triggering switch off power to heating elements)
    • TAU filters for protection of thermocouple inputs
    • remote control router with/without wifi and with/without ethernet switch
    • calibration certificate
    • 6-way 136 Ampere/480Vac compact thyristor unit