LogOnline WiFi Datalogger

The LogOnline WiFi Dataloger is the ultimate solution for safe, reliable and easy monitoring and registration of your temperatures. You realize this remote datalogging in 3 steps:

  1. You buy the WiFi Datalogger
  2. You register with the registration form
  3. You connect the datalogger with your WiFi network

Optional UKAS certificate

cThe LogOnline WiFi Datalogger has an internal temperature and relive humidity sensor with the possibility of connecting 2 extra temperature sensors, which work in the standard range from -100°C to +200°C. Ideal for freezers, fridges, incubators and all other equipment that must have its temperature monitored and registrated.

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LogOnline WiFi datalogger

WiFi datalogger

WiFi datalogger with internal temperature and relative humidity measurement + 2 external temperature sensors. The wifi datalogger is equipped with a multifunctional display. Monitoring, reporting and alarming takes place with our cloud-based LogOnline website.

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