Infrared Moisture Meter

The IM series from CHINO is an on-line multi infrared wavelength analyzer that uses infrared absorption technology to measure a product component or thickness. Signal processing capabilities are built into the All-In-One detector for easy installation and operation.

Up to 99 calibration curves can be stored in the detector for multiple measurement applications. The detector can be used on its own or connected to a PC or plant control system. For the latter you need an analog or digital output.


  • Up to 10 wavelengths, with the ability to measure 4 components such as: moisture, foil thickness, organism and coating thickness, simultaneously in real time.
  • Connectivity with multiple interfaces, RS485 Modbus and Ethernet LAN.
  • High-speed and High-repeatability (28ms).
  • Multi-calculation function.
  • Self-diagnosis function, easy maintenance.
  • Complies with CE standards and IP-65.

Infrared Moisture Meters

IM Series

Advanced moisture meter up to 10 wavelengths to measure moisture, foil thickness, organism and coating thickness
Leaflet IM series