Nautilus 135 battery powered temperature datalogger

  • internal temperature sensor type: NTC thermistor 10.000 ohms @ 25°C
  • temperature measurement range:  +10°C to +125°C
  • temperature measurement accuracy:
    • +10°C to +38°C: better than+/- 2.3°C
    • +38°C to +121°C: better than+/- 1.2°C
    • +121°C to +125°C: better than+/- 1.5°C
  • resolution: 8-bit
  • operating pressure: up to 137 Bar, corresponding to 1400 meters of water
  • battery lifetime: 3 years under normal use (factory replaceable)
  • storage/memory size: 32kB up to 32.640 readings without compression, with compression 244.800 readings
  • reusable when memory full: yes
  • sample rate: 8 second to 34 minutes
  • start logging delay: you can specify a time & date to start logging
  • recording modes: ring buffer or stop when full
  • pc connection: with USB interface cable 
  • dimensions: 18mm x 127mm
  • weight:
    • anodized aluminium: 51g
    • stainless steel: 112g
  • material seals: EPDM (standard) or Viton (optional)
  • protection class: water proof
  • mounting: mounting hole on cap
  • conformity: 
    • EN61326: 1977 + A1: 1998 (European emissions and immunity covering ESD, RFI, EFT /B, surge, conducted immunity, voltage dips and interruptions)
    • Meets FCC standard 47 CFR part 15, subpart B: 1999, Class B, (US radiated and conducted emissions)
  • optional
      • factory calibration verification and NIST certificates are available on request
      • Viton (part number 21-0071) instead of EPDM (part number 21-0070) O ring
      • TrendReader software and USB interface cable
Nautilus waterproof temperature datalogger
+10°C to +125°C
Nautilus waterproof temperature datalogger
connection to TrendReader via USB
Nautilus temperature datalogger for extreme environments
aluminium or stainless steel housing
optional NIST calibration certificate

O-ring seal compatibility

Nautilus waterproof temperature datalogger
  • o-ring size: AS568A 111
  • inspect o-ring regularly and replace every 3 months or earlier if wear and tear is visible. Spare o- rings can be separately ordered, see ordering code below.
  • the o-ring should be moistened with silicon grease to maintain the waterproof seal

Ordering code

  • Nautilus aluminium housing datalogger NTL-102 part number 01-0263
  • Nautilus stainless steel housing datalogger NLT-103 part number 01-264
  • Viton o-ring seal part number 21-0071
  • EPDM o-ring seal part number 21-0070 (standard)