Plastics (extruder/injection molding)

The products on this page were specially developed for plastics industry applications, such as:

  • Extruders (resin pressure & temperature control)
  • Injection molding (mold temperature verification & control)
  • Hot runners (temperature control of many controlled heating zones)

Dedicated sensors for resin pressure & temperature

Resin temperature sensors

The T-270Z series resin temperature thermocouples are specially designed for high accuracy resin temperature measurement in extruders.

  • suitable for high accuracy measurement of resin temperature in extruders
  • zero heat flow measurement method eliminates thermal disturbance and temperature error between tip and case. This enables a more precise resin temperature measurement
T-270Z resin temperature sensor
Measures at the tip and not the case: more accurate resin temperature measurement

Resin pressure & temperature sensors

The CZ100P & CZ200P series resin pressure & temperature transducers are specifically developed for extruder applications.

  • CZ-100P: resin pressure only transducer
  • CZ-200P: resin pressure & temperature transducer
Measure resin pressure & temperature accurately

Dedicated sensors for mold temperature

The temperature of the mold must be monitored to verify if it has the correct process-temperature. Sometimes the available measurement space is very small. RKC developed the ST-50/ST-51 ultra-compact film-type temperature sensors that can be easily attached to the mold with the STM-A magnetic holder.

  • suitable for accurate measurement of mold temperature
  • sensor type: type K thermocouple
  • temperature range:
    • ST-50: 0°C to +300°C
    • ST-51: -40°C to +300°C
ultra fast ultra thin thermocouple
Easy attachment to the mold with the STM-A magnetic holder

Handheld thermometers for resin temperature verification

Discharged resin temperature check

The temperature of the discharged melted resin can be checked. This can lead to quality improvement of the process.

extruder resin temperature check

Dedicated fast and accurate resin pressure & temperature controllers

Resin pressure & temperature controller

The HA930 is specificatlly developed for accurate control of resin pressure in extruders

  • accurate resin pressure control in combination with the specifically for this purpose developed CZ-200P resin-pressure & temperature transducer
  • 2 channel control, control both temperature & pressure with 1 controller
  • fast & accurate control with 40 PID calculations per second
HA930 extruder resin pressure & temperature controller
HA930 extruder resin pressure & temperature controller
RKC HA930 extruder temperature & pressure controller
control pressure & temperature with 1 controller
Extruder resin pressure and temperature control
Extruder resin-pressure control in combination with CZ-200P resin pressure sensor

Extensive range of process & temperature controllers

Controllers for any kind of application:

  • RB series (4 PID calculations per second), comes in all standard sizes
  • FZ series (20 PID calculations per second)
    • pressure control
    • fast (cascaded) process control
  • GZ series (100 PID calculations per second)
    • for ultra-fast responding processes
    • fast (cascaded) process control
  • MA900/901 series multizone panelmount controller
    • 2 PID calculations per second
    • 4 and 8 channel channel version available
  • SRZ series multizone DIN-rail mount controller
    • 4 PID calculations per second
    • support for all standard fieldbus types
    • 2 and 4 channel versions available
RKC FZ series
FZ series controller
MA900/901 series multizone controller
SRZ series
SRZ DIN-rail multizone controller

Power electronics for driving any kind of electrical heating element

RKC Instrument power electronics

  • very high unsurpassed Japanese quality
  • extreme reliability
  • current range: 10-200A
  • 1, 2 or 3 phase loads
  • load voltage range: 35-480Vac
  • resistive loads (resistance not dependent on temperature)
  • inductive loads (i.e. primary side of transformer)
  • molybdenum (MoSi2) elements (i.e. Kanthal super)
  • silicon carbide (SiC) elements

CD Automation power electronics

  • flexible modular system with many options so you only need to order the options you need
  • current range 10-2100A
  • 1, 2 or 3 phase loads
  • load voltage up to 690Vac
  • resistive loads (resistance not dependent on temperature)
  • inductive loads (i.e. primary side of transformer)
  • infrared (IR) long- medium and short wave lamps
  • molybdenum (MoSi2) elements (i.e. Kanthal super)
  • silicon carbide (SiC) elements
  • UV lamps

Hot runner heating systems

CasCade delivers fully integrated hotrunner controllers with integrated power electronics for ultra stable temperature control in hot-runners.

  • 1, 2, 4, 8 & 24 temperature control zone versions
  • highest temperature stability on hot-runner nozzles & manifolds to the mold
  • accurate & reliable RKC Instrument temperature controllers
  • robust Harting HAN connector
  • thermocouple: type J (other types on request)
  • temperature range: 0°C to +450°C
  • 10A (2kW) per heating zone (continously)
  • power supply: 3 phase 400Vac 50/60Hz
  • standard cable length: 3m (other lenghts on request)
  • optional: Pro-face HMI/SCADA touchscreen with modular SRZ DIN-rail mount controllers (remotely operable with smartphone/tablet/windows PC)

Pro-face HMI/SCADA/PLC touchpanels for integrated management of extrusion lines

CasCade delivers HMI/SCADA/PLC solutions using reliable and rugged Japanese Pro-face touchpanels

  • HMI/SCADA/PLC integrated into 1 touchpanel
  • easy and fast to program with GP-Pro Ex software tool
  • fully functional ladder logic & scripting PLC inside touchpanel
  • support for many fieldbuses: 
    • CANopen
    • ModBUS RTU (RS-485)/TCP (Ethernet)
    • CC-Link (Mitsubishi Melsec)
    • DeviceNET
    • Profibus DP (Siemens SIMATIC S7)
    • ODVA (Rockwell Allen Bradley, Omron SYSMAC, Hitachi, Yokogawa)
    • Mechatrolink (Yaskawa)
    • Azbil (Yamatake)
    • Cognex (vision systems)
  • standard features in development software:
    • recipe management
    • alarm handling
    • trending/datalogging
    • multilanguage support
    • CSV data transfer
  • easy USB connected IO (plug&play):
    • light pole (red/yellow/green)
    • multicolor illuminated pushbuttons
    • keypad
    • fingerprint verification
    • extra IO interface
  • modular version that can be installed in 22mm standard panel mounting hole (no square hole cutting necessary for retrofit)
  • remotely operable with smartphone/tablet/windows PC)

Modular installation in standard 22mm panel mount hole. Easy install during retrofitting/upgrading: no cutting of square panel mount hole necessary.

Proface bedieningspanelen
Easy USB connected IO (plug & play)