RB series

The RB series is a modern and fully digital series of PID controller in five different sizes and two different colours. All necessary parameters are available to obtain a good and stable control and can be configured using the standard USB service port. For this the optionally available COM K2 communication convertor is used, in combination with the free PROTEM2 software. 

De RB series comes in five sizes:
– RB100
– RB400
– RB500
– RB700
– RB900

– Leaflet RB series
– Instruction manual RB series
Communication manual RB series

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4 PID control cycles per second
sampling time rb series

The RB series is very suited for the control of oven installations because of its temperature sample time of 0.25 seconds which in turn results in 4 PID control cycles performed per second.

Fine-tuning (FT)

By using the fine-tuning parameter an overshoot of the temperature at startup can be eliminated.

Storage of 4 setpoints

The RB series can store four different setpoints. These setpoints can be selected by the digital inputs.

Easy ramp/soak program control

The RB series has 4 ramp up/down and hold time settings. With this an easy ramp/soak profile of 4 steps can be executed.

COM K2 communication convertor

By using the optionally available COM K2 communication convertor, the USB service port of the controller can be connected to your laptop/desktop. You can quickly and easily configure your controller this way and make a backup of the parameters or copy them to other RB series controllers.


With the free PROTEM2 software you can easily set the parameters of your controller.  Click here to download the free software.