REVEX series

  • load type (specify at ordering):
    • 1 phase: resistive, long-, medium- and short wave infrared (IR) lamps, transformer primary side, MoSi2, SiC and UV
    • 2/3 phase: resistive star without neutral, resistive 3 phase delta, short wave infrared (IR) 3 phase star, short wave infrared (IR) 3 phase delta
  • maximum load current:
    • 1/2 phase: 30-280A
    • 3 phase: 30-210A
  • maximum load voltage: 480Vac or  600Vac
  • many firing modes:
    • half and single cycle  (1 phase)
    • burst firing
    • delayed triggering (1 phase)
    • phase angle with or without soft start (1 phase)
    • zero crossing on/off
    • soft start on all modes (1 phase)
  • many control modes:
    • open loop
    • voltage
    • voltage square (V2) with transfer to VxI
    • current
    • current square (I2) with transfer to VxI
    • power (VxI)
    • external feedback
  • Dual current limit for peak and RMS value
  •  Inputs:
    • 4-20mA
    • 0-10Vdc
    • SSR logic signal
    • 10k potentiometer
  • Very easy configuration with USB interface and free software
  • MODBUS RTU RS-485 interface
  • fixed fuses included for 60-280A unit
  • optional
    • external fuses for 30-40A unit
    • current limit
    • heater break alarm + SCR short circuit
    • display
    • fieldbus module for ProfiNET, ProfiBUS, Ethernet/IP and MODBUS TCP. Maximum 14 slaves. Module fitted with 2nd MODBUS TCP slave port for HMI
    • PowerManager touchpanel for easy configuration, status indication and remote service of the thyristorunit (with MODBUS RTU RS-485 interface)

REVEX series catalogue
– REVEX 1 phase 30-40A
– REVEX 1 phase 60-90A
– REVEX 1 phase 120-210A
– REVEX 1 phase 280A
REVEX 2 phase 30-40A
REVEX 2 phase 60-90A
REVEX 2 phase 60-90A 2019 old version
REVEX 2 phase 120-210A
REVEX 2 phase 280A
REVEX 3 phase 30-40A
REVEX 3 phase 60-90A
REVEX 3 phase 60-90A 2019 old version
REVEX 3 phase 120-210A
PowerManager User Manual
PowerManager Engineering Manual

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Fast tune: tune the unit quickly for its load

In the fast-tune mode you can quickly and easily configure the unit to its load

Load analyzer

The load analyser gives a live overview of the power going to the load.

PowerManager touchpanel remote status indication of the thyristor unit

With the optional PowerManager touchpanel, that can be connected with the  MODBUS RTU RS-485 interface, the status of the thryistorunit can be easily monitored remotely. This can be used for remote-service.

PowerManager for an easy overview of actual power, voltage and current

Easy actual status of actual power, voltage and current to the load.