REVO SSR series

  • load type: 1 phase resistive or long to medium wave infrared (IR) lamps
  • maximum load current62/74 or 90A
  • maximum load voltage: 480Vac, optional 600Vac
  • on/off zero cross firing with logic input on/off signal (4-30Vdc)
  • heat sink needed but sold separately (depending on operating temperature)
  • with or without integrated fuse holder with super fast fuses
  • optional for REVO SSR ANALOG
    • modulating burst firing with 4-20mA/0-10Vdc input signal.
    • heater break alarm

REVO S serie catalogue
REVO SSR 1 phase with on/off zero cross firing
REVO SSR 1 phase with fuse holder

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