REVO Sx6x136A

This compact 6 channel thyristor module can be used as a maintenance free replacement for relays/contactors driving resistive loads.

Example: Albright relays are used in heat-treatment units. Over time the contacts of those relays stick together causing an unwanted rise in temperature on the workpiece. Now and then the contacts of the relays must be replaced with new ones. This replacement procedure and the possibility of an unwanted high temperature on the workpiece can be prevented by installing this compact 6 channel thyristor module.
For heat-treatment multichannel temperature control & registration systems, see our heatmanagers.

Benefits of thyristors over electromechanic relays:

  • no wear and fully maintenance free. No replacement necessary (saves both time & money)
  • compact in size: retrofit in existing situations or heat treatment units with electromechanic relays (i.e. Albright relays) possible
  • fast switching of the load current & voltage: temperature control cycle time can be greatly reduced (1 sec. iso 20 sec) which results in a tighter and more accurate temperature control of the process/workpiece.
  • number of channels: 6x 1 phase
  • load type: 1 phase resistive (i.e. heating element mats used in heat-treatment)
  • maximum load current: 136A
  • maximum load voltage: 480Vac
  • on/off zero cross firing with logic input on/off signal (4-30Vdc)
  • cooling fan power supply: external 24Vdc
  • without fuses and fuse holder

– REVO Sx 6x136A 6 channel 1 phase with on/off zero cross firing

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6 way 136A thyristor module for heat-treatment PWHT
6x 136A 480Vac thyristor module


6 channel 136A 480Vac thyristorunit

Please note, that the dimensions are shows in millimeters.

Examples of implementation by our customers

6 channel thyristor module in heat-treatment unit

Examples of how our customers install the 6 channel thyristor module inside their heat treatment unit.
Left: two 6 channel thyristor modules inside a 12 channel heat treatment unit.
Right: a 6 channel heat treatment unit with the thyristor module installed on top of the transformer.