The RKC Instrument REX-F9000 is a very special state of the art high resolution temperature controller, that has specifically been designed for applications where process control with three decimal places (0.001°C) is required. Examples are calibration baths of calibration laboratories and other complex demanding processes where utmost accuracy and precision are required.

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– Instruction manual REX-F9000

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Continuous power supply voltage monitor with external transformer.

The REX-F9000 continuously monitors its power supply via an external transformer. This is done to anticipate on voltage disturbances of the heating element, which can result in temperature deviations.

Brilliant PID control algorithm

The Brilliant PID control algorithm combines a stable control with a fast response to deviations caused by external circumstances.

High resolution: 0.001°C

The REX-F9000 has a high resolution of 0.001°C over an input range of 0.000-50.000°C.

High accuracy: +/- 0.05°C

Primary industrial applications are semiconductor and laboratory equipment or anywhere where extremely accurate temperature is required.

2-channel control

The REX-F9000 is able to select 2-channel control specification with a high accuracy, high resolution temperature controller.