ST series thermocouples

RKC specializes in very small and fast thermocouples for situations where normal sensors are too large in size.

ST-50 / ST-51 Series film-type ultra fast thermocouples

Ultra fast film type K thermocouple. Smallest ST-50 has a 50μm tip with response time of only 0.03s. (ambient-250°C in paraffin) 

  • sensor type: type K thermocouple
  • temperature range:
    • ST-50: 0°C to +300°C
    • ST-51: -40°C to +300°C
  • element diameter:
    • ST-50: 50μm, 100μm (length 100mm), 100μm (length 300/500mm)
    • ST-51: 50μm
  • optional:
    • W-ST50A connector cable (various connection possibilities incl. DP-350/700 connector)
    • STM-A magnet holder

– Leaflet ST-50 / ST-51 series
– Leaflet STM-A magnet adaptor

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RKC ST-50 / ST-51 ultra fast type K thermocouple
ST-50 and ST-51 ultra fast thermocouple temperature sensor
ultra fast response
ST-50 & ST-50 adhesive thermocouple

Just stick the thermocouple to the object

ST-50 / ST-51 Ultra fast thin film thermocouples
W-ST50A connector for ST-50 & ST-51 thermocouple
STM-A magnetic holder for ST-50 ST-51 thermocouple

STM-A magnetic holder for temperature sensor

ST-55 / ST-56 Series temperature sensors for small object surface

Small diameter type K thermocouple for measurement of small objects.

  • sensor type: type K thermocouple
    • ST-55: thermocouple with joint for longer length
    • ST-56: seamless thermocouple
  • maximum operating temperature:
    • measuring tip:
      • teflon coating: +300°C
      • ceramic coating: +500°C
    • coating section: +260°C
    • ST-55 joint section: +170°C
    • ST-55 extended section: +260°C
    • adhesive tape: +300°C
  • accuracy: +/- 1°C
  • element diameter:
    • ST-55:
      • teflon coating: 0.076/0.127mm
      • ceramic coating: 0.1/0.2mm
      • joint section: 0.127/0.254mm
    • ST-56:
      • teflon coating: 0.076/0.127/0.254mm
      • ceramic coating: 0.1/0.2/0.32mm
  • response time:
    • element diameter 0.076mm teflon coating: 0.2 s. (63% response), 0,8 s. (95% response)
    • element diameter 0.1mm ceramic coating: 0.2 s. (63% response), 0.5 s. (95% response)

– Leaflet ST-55 / ST-56 series

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ST55 and ST56 ultra compact thermcouple
Measuring point on the tip
ST-55 / ST-56 miniature type K thermocouple
measure temperature of small objects with small thermal capacity

DP350 / DP700 handheld thermometers

Handheld thermometers for use with the ST series thermocouples.