The RKC Instrument SB1 is a temperature controller that is specially developed for semiconductor, process and laboratory heat-tracing applications.

  • Built-in 230Vac 7A solid state relay SSR for driving a heat-tracing jacket (resistive load).
  • fitted with a MODBUS RTU RS-485 interface as standard
  • Can be installed in various ways, like local installation near the vessel or pipeline, or on a DIN-rail.

– Leaflet SB1
– Instruction manual SB1

Click here for a quoation for the SB1.

RKC SB1 heat tracing controller
SB1 temperature controller for heat-tracing
installed on heating jacket
Various ways of installation incl. DIN-rail
Only connect 230Vac power, heating-jacket and interface
SB1 installation examples
Easy to operate with the frontpanel

The SB1 controller can be operated in an easy way from the frontpanel. The controller is also fitted with a service port for quick and easy configuration with a laptop/desktop.

MODBUS RTU RS-485 communication with host

The SB1 temperature controller is fitted with a MODBUS RTU RS-485 interface as standard. With this the heat-tracing can be remotely monitored and operated from the central control room of the plant. A power optimization algorithm reduces peak power by synchronizing the SB1 modules together.


With the COM K2 you can connect you controller to an USB port of your laptop/desktop. With this  the controller can be configured quickly and easy.


With the free PROTEM2 software you can configure your controller in an easy way. Click here to download the free software.

Optional HMI/SCADA touchpanel

  • Optional HMI/SCADA touchpanel for easy operation/monitoring.
  • Multilanguage operation
  • Password protection on various operation levels
  • Can also be accessed remotely via smartphone/tablet and windows PC.

Remote operation

The HMI/SCADA touchpanel can be operated remotely with the Pro-face remote HMI app. This is available for:

  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Windows PC
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