Temperature controller

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CasCade Automation Systems B.V. offers a very wide range of temperature controllers and control systems. We have been an exclusive dealer of the RKC Instrument Inc. brand from Japan for 20 years.

When it comes to temperature control, we can offer you a solution that will fit  your application in almost all cases:

  • Superior quality controllers for all kinds of applications
  • low-cost PID controllers that can be ordered in series
  • PID controllers in many different sizes
  • Frontpanel mount and DIN-rail mount controllers
  • program controllers
  • super fast advanced process controllers for the semiconductor industry
  • ultra accurate PID controllers with a stability of 0.001 ° C
  • multi-zone systems of hundreds of control loops

Our controllers are industry 4.0 ready and support the following fieldbus communication interfaces:

  • ProfiNET
  • ProfiBUS
  • EtherCAT
  • MODBUS TCP (ethernet)
  • Ethernet/IP
  • DeviceNET
  • CC-Link
  • MAPMAN Ethernet
  • MAPMAN RS-422A/RS232C

RKC Instrument of Japan distinguishes itself from many others by supplying:

  • a very wide range of models and sizes
  • extremely high quality instruments
  • very tight and accurate temperature & process control algorithms
  • supreme immunity to noise on temperature measurement inputs
  • fully compliant with the EU EMC/EMI regulations (instruments are compliance tested for CE certificationa at DEKRA the Netherlands)
  • ultra reliable instruments with MBTF times of >40 years
  • 5 years standard factory warranty
  • very long lifetime of models or a complete redesign or upgrade with a 1:1 fit replacement
  • RKC Instrument is a family run business with long term commitment to their employees and customers.

All this, will ensure you that:

  • your process will be controlled in an excellent way
  • your return on investment will be high
  • your total cost of ownership during the lifetime of the instruments, will be low

RKC Instrument

ProfiNET fieldbus interface

ProfiBUS fieldbus interface

EtherCAT fieldbus interface

Modbus TCP

Modbus RTU

RKC Instrument EtherNet/IP fieldbus interface module for SRZ system

RKC Instrument DeviceNet fieldbus interface for FB series

RKC Instrument CC-Link fieldbus interface for FB series and SRZ system

RKC Instrument MECHATROLINK fieldbus interface for SRZ system

RKC Instrument MAPMAN Ethernet fieldbus interface for SRZ system

RKC Instrument MAPMAN RS422A/RS232C fieldbus interface for FB and RB series