Thyristor units and solid state relays SSR

CasCade Automation Systems has more than 25 years of experience with power electronics for driving many types of electrical heating elements.

Our range of power electronics consists of:

  • solid state relays (SSR)
  • thyristor units
  • 1, 2 and 3 phase units
  • current from 10-2000 Amperes and above
  • voltage up to 690 Volts
  • with or without built- in or external super-fast fuses
  • heater-break alarm (for detection of broken or short-circuit on heating element)
  • current limiter for inductive and MoSi2 loads
  • industry 4.0 ready multizone systems with ProfiNET, ProfiBUS, Ethernet/IP, MODBUS RTU and MODBUS TCP interfaces.

Suited for many types of applications and heating elements:

  • resistive loads (resistance not dependent on temperature)
  • inductive loads (i.e. primary side of transformer)
  • infrared (IR) long- medium and short wave lamps
  • molybdenum (MoSi2) elements (i.e. Kanthal super)
  • silicon carbide (SiC) elements
  • UV lamps

Our specialists can advise you which unit is best suited for your specific application.