Transport logistics and warehousing

This page shows accurate and reliable high quality products for use in transport, logistics and warehousing.

Thermocouples & Pt100s for temperature measurement

CasCade specializes in all kinds of thermocouples for use in i.e. all kinds of processes and applications.

  • all types of thermocouples and Pt100s
  • standardized thermocouples & custom sensors built to your specification
  • with or without cable to your specified length
  • optional temperature to 4-20mA transmitter in sensor head
  • optional calibration certificate

Fast and accurate temperature controllers

CasCade has many kinds of temperature controllers for  heating/cooling applications.

  • Superior quality controllers for all kinds of applications
  • low-cost PID controllers that can be ordered in series
  • PID controllers in many different sizes
  • Frontpanel mount and DIN-rail mount controllers
  • multi-zone systems of hundreds of control loops
  • very tight and accurate temperature & process control algorithms
  • supreme immunity to noise on temperature measurement inputs
  • fully compliant with the EU EMC/EMI regulations (instruments are compliance tested for CE certificationa at DEKRA the Netherlands)
  • ultra reliable instruments with MTBF times of >40 years
  • 5 years standard factory warranty
RKC FZ series
Panel mount controllers
SRZ series
DIN-rail mount multizone controllers

Universal climate chamber control

The Climate Manager system is an universal temperature & humidity control for all kinds of climate chambers:

  • storage of sensitive materials
  • pharmaceuticals
  • incl. integrated HACCP registration

Cloud-based wifi datalogger for warehouse temperature & humidity

Wifi datalogger for monitoring both temperature & humidity in warehouses:

  • internal temperature & humidity sensor
  • alarm messages via sms & email
  • standalone (14 months battery lifetime)
  • 3 months internal storage when wifi signal fails with auto recovery/catching up of measurements
  • secure data storage on LogOnline cloudserver in professional datacenter
  • calibration certificate included
  • optional
    • 2 external -100°C to +200°C temperature sensors
    • +400°C sensors iso +200°C
    • extended calibration of external sensors

Leaflet LogOnline wifi datalogger

Wifi temperature & humidity datalogger
wifi datalogger with battery powered wireless sensors
live trendchart

Battery powered standalone dataloggers for temperature, humidity, (differential)pressure and process-signals

CasCade specializes in FDA 21 CFR part 11, HACCP and EN12830 compliant battery powered dataloggers for all kinds of applications:

  • temperature: -80°C to +200°C and -230°C to +1450°C
  • relative humidity: 0-100% RH
  • thermocouple, Pt100, Pt1000 and thermistor sensors
  • mVdc/Vdc, 4-20mA process signals
  • 0-500A AC current & 120/240/480/600Vac voltage signals
  • pressure & differential-pressure sensors (0-25mBar to 0-10Bar, +/- 2.5 Pa to +/- 25mBar)
  • digital pulse signals: max. 100kHz
  • up to 10 years of battery powered recording time
  • max. pressures of 200 Bar
  • ATEX certified dataloggers
SL50 temperature and humidity battery powered datalogger
very small size of only 17.35 x 5.89mm
Tempmate-M2 USB datalogger
-80°C to +200°C
temperature datalogger for covid vaccine
vaccine & blood temperature
SmartReader Plus 4 LPD differential pressure and temperature datalogger
Example: SmartReader Plus 4 LPD: low differential pressure & temperature
SL151T robust and hygienic temperature datalogger
NATO stock number datalogger for blood & vaccines and military use