CasCade Reporter

CasCade Reporter software has been specially developed for the HeatManager and EasyLog.

  • connect remotely and get an overview of all your HeatManagers and EasyLogs.
  • download the temperature measurement files from the HeatManagers and EasyLogs in the field using a PC with the CasCade Report software
  • convert the data into a standardized report with a few clicks of a button.

CasCade Reporter: combine workpiece & temperature measurement CSV data files into report

CasCade Reporter windows application

After (or even during) the heat-treatment (i.e. cooldown phase) the CasCade Reporter retrieves the entered batch information and temperature registration from the HeatManager (also from a remote location i.e. the central office). With just a few clicks this information can be converted into a report for the customer.

The CasCade Reporter can be used to monitor multiple HeatManagers and EasyLogs at different locations at once.

Download CasCade Reporter software and manuals