COM-KG communication interface

The RKC Instrument COM-KG interface can be used for connecting all RKC Instrument equipment fitted with a configuration port via USB interface to a Windows PC.

With the free downloadable PROTEM2 software you can use it for:

  • configuration and setting parameters
  • backup parameters and load them in other RKC devices
  • datalogging

The interface is also fitted with a generic RS-485/422 interface that can be used for connecting all kinds of equipment with this kind of interface to a PC with USB port. This can be used for SCADA applications running on the PC.

– Leaflet COM-KG
– Instruction manual COM-KG

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RKC Instrument
RKC Instrument COM-KG communication converter
RKC COM-KG communication interface

Please select the proper interface cable type when ordering the COM-KG

COM-KG convertor loader port cable types

*) all equipment interface cable types are 1.5m long

*) The USB cable for connecting the COM-KG to the Windows PC is supplied as standard

Free PROTEM 2 setting data support tool for RKC control equipment

  • Supports all RKC Instrument controllers, indicators, power controllers that are fitted with a configuration port
  • Monitor & configure various parameters of the control equipment
  • Backup/transfer of the control equipment parameters
  • Datalogging & trending

– instruction manual PROTEM2 software

RKC software download page

*) it can be necessary to click on the Software tab when landing on the RKC download page

PROTEM2 setting data and datalogging tool