Standard CasCade solutions

Based on decades of experience, we at CasCade automation systems B.V. offer a number of products specially developed by us for various industry branches. These custom-built solutions are developed with the rugged and extremely reliable hardware of the companies that we represent, combined with a software application developed by CasCade.

Thanks to the knowledge and experience of our engineers, we can also help you with the correct solution for your temperature monitoring and control system. We can build a complete Scada SpecView application for operating, datalogging and visualizing your process. In addition, we can also develop a HMI solution with Pro-face touchscreens and RKC mini-DCS systems, which form the basis for complete temperature and process control.

Do you have any questions about our custom solutions or do you want to know what CasCade can do for you? Feel free to contact us.

HeatManager for pre-heat and post-weld heat treatment (PWHT)

The Heatmanagers are a series of temperature controllers / recorders, specially developed for the heat treatment industry. This very successful series is a bestseller worldwide!

EasyHeat for remote operation of heat-treatment unit

The EasyHeat system enables you to operate your heat-treatment unit remotely with smartphone, tablet or windows PC. Temperature registration with our cloud-based LogOnline service.


CasCade develops and supplies the Frymanager deep fat fryer controls for all types of deep fryer, both gas and electric and from standard to high efficiency.

REVO SX6x136A 6 channel 136A thyristor unit

Compact 6 channel 136 Ampere 480Vac thyristor module for driving electrical heating with resistive loads. Can be used as a reliable maintenance free replacement for Albright relays used in heat-treatment units.

Heat Tracing

Single- or multichannel heat-tracing temperature control & monitoring systems with remotely accessible SCADA/HMI.


HotRunner controllers come standard with temperature controllers from RKC Instrument Inc. from Japan where several other options are possible.

Temperature & process signal recorder in stainless steel housing

Specially developed recorder in stainless steel housing with a direct connection to the Miller Induction machines. With calibration certificate.

EasyLog: cloud-based LogOnline wireless internet recorder

The EasyLog is a robust internet recorder for thermocouples, in a stainless steel housing. The EasyLog automatically connects to our LogOnline Cloudserver where the data is stored.


The Insitu-Cal is a small ultra-precisely controlled calibration chamber with a range from -95°C to +185°C.

Oven controls for bakeries

CasCade supplies a standard controller for tunnel ovens in bakeries. The clever cascading of controllers prevents burned products after a hole in the supply.

Universal boiling kettle control

The boiling kettle control can be used for industrial cooking processes (for example, making 500-1000 liters of soup).

Universal climate chamber control

The Climate Manager system is an universal temperature & humidity control for all kinds of climate chambers:

  • ramp/soak function for temperature & relative humidity
  • weekday profiler
  • for both new and upgrading existing equipment

Custom made solutions

We build the small table-top control cabinets internally at CasCade. Large system cabinets are custom made by our selected partners.