EasyHeat remote operation of heat-treatment unit

Remote/local operation of heat treatment unit including temperature registration

  • remote operation of heat-treatment units with smartphone, tablet and windows PC.
  • combines temperature control with temperature registration.
  • fixed temperature or programmed ramp-up to holding temperature in °C/hour
  • for both new and upgrading existing heat-treatment units
  • temperature recording via internal modem on cloud-based LogOnline service.

If you still need or have to use a recorder: check our temperature recorders including calibration certificate and built inside rugged stainless steel housing in RAL colour to your specification.

EasyHeat remote operation of heat-treatment unit
touchpanel with modem for remote operation
LogOnline recorder chart
Example of our digital temperature recorder

The EasyHeat is developed for remote control of pre-heating. For the control & temperature registration of post-weld heat-treatment PWHT, see our extensive line of HeatManagers.

Easy local and remote operation

The EasyHeat can be operated in a very easy and comfortable way:

  • local operation with touchpanel
  • remote operation with smartphone/tablet/windows PC
  • operate 6 channels separately or simultaneously
EasyHeat remote operation of heat-treatment unit
easy local and remote operation

To pre-heat temperature with or without ramp-up

  • ramp-up programming for each channel in °C/hour
  • by setting the value to 0°C/hour the temperature setpoint goes immediately to the desired pre-heat temperature without ramping up.
with or without ramp-up to pre-heat temperature

Remote operation

The EasyHeat can be operated remotely with the Pro-face remote HMI app. This is available for:

  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Windows PC
download page

EasyHeat features

  • channels temperature control: 6
  • channels temperature recording: 6
  • profile programming:
    • ramp-up temperature in °C/hour to end temperature for welding
    • fixed temperature setting for pre-heating for welding
  • change temperature and ramp-up while running: yes
  • temperature recording: cloud-based on LogOnline with optional account
  • remote operation with smartphone/tablet/windows PC: yes

The EasyHeat system consists of

  • rugged Japanese Pro-face touchpanel that can be operated locally and remotely with smartphone/tablet or windows PC.
  • 6 Japanese RKC Instrument RB temperature controllers with communication to the touchpanel
  • remote access modem (secure access with password and VPN tunnel)
  • optional LogOnline account for temperature registration

How does it work?

Maintenance free thyristormodules to replace Albright relays

The Albright contactors can have welded contacts (with unwanted rise of temperature during a post-weld heat-treatment) and need maintenance over time.

To create a better solution, CasCade developed compact 6 channel 136A 480Vac thyristor unit modules, to replace these Albright relays with a more reliable and rugged solution that needs no maintenance.

Revo SX 6x 136A 480Vac thyristor module brochure

heat-treatment PWHT temperature recorder in stainless steel housing
temperature recorders with calibration certificate built inside rugged stainless steel housing in RAL colour to your specification
sufficiently in stock for you: thermocouple wire (ANSI & IEC), compensation cable & thermocouple connectors

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