EasyLog 3 6 channel internet temperature recorder

The EasyLog is a robust and reliable internet recorder for thermocouples, built inside a rugged stainless steel housing.
The EasyLog automatically makes a wireless connection to our LogOnline Cloudserver where the measurements are securely stored.
You can view the measurements live using your smartphone, tablet or windows PC. You can also monitor
historical measurements and alarms.

Registration is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. connect the thermocouples
  2. switch the EasyLog on and it automatically makes a wireless connection to our LogOnline Cloud based server
  3. after the connection is online the EasyLog starts to registrate automatically. You can view it online your own account page on LogOnline.
  • 6 inputs (thermocouple type K)
  • LogOnline runs on a server in a high-security datacenter.
  • easy to use with 4.3″ color touchscreen operation
  • view measurements live using your smartphone, tablet or windows PC
  • monitor historical measurements and alarms
  • automatic alarm service via LogOnline
  • built inside a rugged stainless steel housing
  • parallel .CSV file registration on inserted USB stick
  • internal backup of measurements in case internet connection becomes offline. Automatic “catching up” with the online measurements when connection becomes online again.
  • Easy Free CasCade Reporter Software tool for monitoring & quick report generation
  • optional
    • calibration certificate
LogOnline recorder chart
LogOnline registration export as .PDF file