Our FryManagers are supplied by various frying oven manufacturers, all of whom endorse the good concept. Good, approved and high-quality hardware combined with flexible software, where each manufacturer gets its own “look and feel”. There are a few different sizes of touchscreens available, and it is also possible to give the edge its own color. Timers are standard and various extras such as a turbo and standby stand are available.

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Satisfied customers

Satisfied customers who enjoy our equipment for years are always our goal. Even when it comes to our clients’ customers, everyone has to be satisfied.


In addition to the regulation for the deep-fryer, we also supply screens for the peripheral equipment, so that your oven has a beautiful, sleek and modern look.

Baking tray in one, two or three zones, Bain marie, scoop tray, lighting on / off, heat ribbon and pump, all combinations are possible.


In addition to the FryManager OEM sets that we supply to various manufacturers of complete frying ovens, we also supply companies in the catering industry with a standard ” meter bar ” containing our complete frying arrangement. Using the clever mounting bracket, it is very easy to install and connect to a standard electric fryer. Ideal for industrial kitchen companies that install deep-fat ovens in, for example, petrol stations, care homes, government institutions and company canteens.

The FryManager has an adjustable number of timers up to 15 pieces and is fully digital, which makes annual calibrations unnecessary. A single and a double version are available, the FryManager solo and the FryManager duo. Your company logo can of course be integrated.
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