Control & record PWHT temperature without separate recorder

Specially developed for pre-heat and post-weld heat-treatment (PWHT): The CasCade HeatManager.

The HeatManager combines temperature control with temperature recording. So no need for a separate temperature recorder. But if you still need or have to use a recorder: check our temperature recorders including calibration certificate and built inside rugged stainless steel housing in RAL colour to your specification.

The HeatManager can be set at a fixed pre-heat temperature for welding. After this the HeatManager can perform the post-weld heat-treatment (PWHT) by following a pre-programmed temperature profile.

LogOnline recorder chart
Example of our digital temperature recorder
Pre-heat & post-weld heat-treatment unit PWHT

Used by many heat-treatment unit building companies and heat-treaters worldwide

The heatmanager is being used by many heat-treaters around the globe with great success. 

Every day 100s of heatmanagers are performing post-weld heat-treatment operations on all kinds of workpieces.

The following heat-treatment unit building companies integrate our HeatManager into their units:

  • Globe Heat Treatment
  • Maritime Stress
  • Stork Cooperheat
  • Thermal Hire
  • Thermoprozess
  • Thermotech
reliable product makes happy heat-treaters

The following local heat-treatment companies use our HeatManager:

Just a few of the countries where HeatManagers are in use:

  • CB Technics
  • Delta Heat Services
  • Gloeitechniek Veendam
  • Gouda Vuurvast Services
  • Heerema
  • Huisman Equipment
  • Lastechniek Noord
  • Liebherr
  • LD Technical Services
  • Hoff Heating Systems
  • HSOS Industrial Services
  • Mark van Schaick Marine Services
  • Nikhef – National Institute for Subatomical Physics
  • Smit Industrial Heat Treatment
  • Stork Cooperheat
  • Wärtsilä
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Egypt
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Kazachstan
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Portugal
  • Russia
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
  • USA
  • Venezuela

Easy operation & programming

The HeatManager can be programmed in 2 modes:

  • easy mode for simple heat-treatment (ramp up, soak, ramp down)
  • normal mode (multiple ramp/soak steps for more complex heat-treatments)
easy mode profile programming

Remote operation

All HeatManagers can be operated remotely with the Pro-face remote HMI app. This is available for:

  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Windows PC
download page

2 types of HeatManagers: Pro and Connect

The HeatManager comes in 2 versions, the pro version, which is more suited for mobile heat-treatments and the connect version, which is more suited for (stationary) heat-treatment furnace control with over time recurring heat-treatments on similar products.

  • mobile use
  • mobile / stationary use
mobile usemobile / stationary use
HeatManager Pro
HeatManager Connect
channels temperature control6 or 126
channels temperature recording6 or 126 or 12
profile database
profile programmingeasy or normal modeeasy (only channel 1) or advanced mode
change profile while running
temperature recordingcontinuous ringbuffer (FIFO)batchwise
temperature recorder storagebattery backup and SD-card or USB-stick (when inserted)battery backup and export to SD-card/USB stick on command
interlink multiple heatmanager
remote emergency stop
heating element break detection
remote operation with phone/tablet/pc
industry 4.0 ready
operation in °C and °F°C only
HmPro detailed infoHmConnect detailed info

Examples on how heat-treatment unit manufacturing companies and customers integrate and use the HeatManager

Rugged stainless steel housing
Backside of housing with connections
OEM parts
6 channel heat-treatment unit with HeatManager
Built inside heat-treatment unit
18 channel unit frontside
18 channel unit backside
6 way 136A thyristor module for heat-treatment PWHT
thyristors instead of Albright relays
HeatManagers built into a console for easy operation in factory
heat-treatment PWHT temperature recorder in stainless steel housing
temperature recorders with calibration certificate built inside rugged stainless steel housing in RAL colour to your specification
sufficiently in stock for you: thermocouple wire (ANSI & IEC), compensation cable & thermocouple connectors

Manuals & detailed specification