In nearly all laboratories, hospitals and research laboratories there are temperature sensors in freezers, ultra-low freezers, fridges and incubators that must be calibrated on an annual basis. The costs involved with these calibrations are substantial. Therefore comparison measurements are performed with a certified thermometer.

This seems like a good and relatively affordable solution, but this method doesn’t take temperature fluctuations in the fridge or freezer, and the different time-lag of the various and different temperature sensors inside the chamber into account. Because of this the uncertainty of this method is relatively large. The Insitu-Cal is the solution to this!

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No more temperature fluctuations and a very stable 0.001°C reference. Comes with RVA calibration certificate.

Brochure Insitu-cal

Insitu-cal in action

The Insitu-cal is placed in the -80°C ultralow freezer. The sensor of the monitoring & registration system is put inside the Insitu-cal. The Insitu-cal makes sure that the temperature of the measurement sensor remains stable at 0.001°C.

Completely delivered inside a handy suitcase

CasCade Automation Systems B.V. delivers the Insitu-cal completely installed in a handy suitcase that can also be used to store the cabling.