Now available: SRZ system with Profinet

RKC has launched a new head unit for the well-known SRZ system, the COM-ML4.

With this extension of the system, hundreds of control loops can now easily be linked to your Siemens PLC and Profinet network. This relieves the PLC from all these analog control loops and allows the PLC to do the task it is best at switching I / O. RKC’s specially designed multizone temperature control system can in turn take care of the control tasks.

Per module:

  • Service port
  • 2 or 4 control loops
  • All types t / c and PT100 inputs selectable
  • Various control outputs (relay, SSR pulse, 4 ~ 20mA and 0 ~ 10Vdc)
  • Up to 16 modules (64 control circuits) can be linked to 1 Profinet node
  • Recipe storage for parameters
  • Autotune function
RKC Instrument SRZ DIN-rail process & temperature control system