PZ400 / PZ900 and PZ401 / PZ901 (white display)

The RKC Instrument PZ400/PZ900 and PZ401 / PZ901 are excellent and easy to operate ramp/soak temperature controllers. They can also be used as an easy replacement or upgrade for obsolete P250/P300 controllers.

– Leaflet PZ400 / PZ900 and PZ401 / PZ901
– Instruction manual PZ400 / PZ900 and PZ401 / PZ901

Click here to ask for a quoation for a PZ400 / PZ900 and PZ401 / PZ901 ramp/soak controller.

Soak detection

The controller automatically recognizes the soak-level of the pattern.

PID levels

No advanced knowledge is needed to setup the controller. The initial setup is done by the controller itself.


With the COM K2 you can connect the service port of the controller to the USB port of your laptop/desktop. With this you can easily configure the settings of the controller.


The free PROTEM2 software enables to you configure and operate the controller in a very easy way. Click here to download this free sofware.