Recorder in stainless steel housing

View below some by CasCade Automation Systems B.V. developed temperature recorders in stainless steel housing. The technical specifications can be found by downloading the brochures below. The PR20 Miller series is a recorder developed by CasCade that you can connect directly to a Miller induction machine. The Miller machine has a CPC output plug where the temperature signals come out and which you can connect directly to this recorder, without the need for thermocouple plugs.

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PR20 miller-series

The PR20 Miller series has been specially developed to connect to Miller’s heat treatment induction machines. The temperature recorder has a direct CPC connection to connect to the machine. In addition, thermocouples of up to 18 units can be directly connected as an extra.
Leaflet PR20 miller-series

AH4000 series

All recorders are available in a stainless steel housing or stove enamelled steel
Leaflet AH4000