REVO-S series

  • Can be used as separate units or as a multizone system with REVO PC
  • load type: resistive or long to medium wave infrared (IR) lamps
  • maximum load current: 30-800A
  • maximum load voltage: 480Vac, 600Vac or 690Vac (above 60A)
  • on/off zero cross firing with logic input on/off signal (4-30Vdc)
  • super fast fuses:
    • 30-40A external or integrated fuse holder
    • >40A: fixed fuses integrated
  • optional
    • modulating burst firing with 4-20mA/0-10Vdc input signal.
    • heater break alarm

REVO S series catalogue
– REVO S 1 phase 30-40A
– REVO S 1 phase 30-40A with internal fuses
– REVO S 1 phase 60-210A
– REVO S 1 phase 300-800A
– REVO S 1 phase 60-800A 690Vac version
– REVO S 2 phase 30-40A
– REVO S 2 phase 30-40A with internal fuses
– REVO S 2 phase 60-210A
– REVO S 2 phase 300-800A
– REVO S 2 phase 60-800A 690Vac version
– REVO S 3 phase 30-40A
– REVO S 3 phase 30-40A with internal fuses
– REVO S 3 phase 60-210A
– REVO S 3 phase 300-800A
– REVO S 3 phase 60-800A 690Vac version

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Cost savings
left: conventional and right: space saving with 2 modules installed in the same space

The compact REVO series of CD Automation can be ordered with built-in fuses. This enables you to save up to 50% of space and installation time. This leads to cost savings.

Extruders and injection moulding machines

CD Automation is -the- market leader for this type of application and has extensive knowledge and experience with plastics industry machines.

The REVO series up to 40A are specially developed for these kinds of application.