RZ series

The RZ series consists of two models that characterize themselves by the large and clear display, and the limited set of parameters, that enables an easy operation. This series is fitted with an USB service port for quick and easy parameter setting and copying of parameters. 

De RZ series comes in two sizes:
– RZ100
– RZ400

– Leaflet RZ series
– Instruction manual RZ series

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Easy to replace
Onderhoud RZ series

The controller can be removed from its housing because of the RKC stack-out system.

External dimensions

See the exact dimensions and hole-sizes for the installation above:

Flexibele output configuration

The user can couple functions to various outputs depending on his wishes.

Helder display
Display RZ series

Because of the large and clear display, the controllers can also be viewed easily from a distance.


With the COM K2 you can connect your controller to an USB port of your laptop/desktop.


You can easily control the parameters of your controller with your computer using the PROTEM2 software. Click here to download the free software.