HMI SCADA software

SpecView SCADA and HMI development software: easy as 1-2-3

specially developed for engineers without programming experience!!!

SCADA / HMI software for people with other jobs than automation

All I want to do is:

  • connect devices to my PC
  • operate devices
  • datalog signals from those devices and very easily create trendcharts so I can analyse the data quickly

That is all!!!

Welcome to SpecView

SpecView SCADA HMI software

How can I help you?

SCADA without programming experience
Take large leaps forward with your process control

You know exactly how your process works

  • only you know the working of your process inside- and out. No hiring of externally involved PLC programming companies that have little knowledge of your process. No time consuming project meetings explaining to them what you want and need: just do it yourself!
  • easiest way to connect to many devices with many equipment support drivers.
  • In just a few mouseclicks you have the communication with your devices up and running!
  • Add datalogging and trendcharts, also in just a few mouseclicks
  • develop SCADA/HMI applications completely yourself in just a few minutes instead of days/weeks in a very easy way.

Easy & quick: 1-2-3

  • 1: connect windows based PC via interface to:
    • process and/or temperature controllers
    • analog and digital input/output modules
    • frequency invertors/VFDs
    • PLCs
  • 2: operate the connected devices from the windows based PC (or remotely via network)
  • 3: datalog signals from the connected devices & analyse the results
clear process visualisation

Remote control your equipment with SpecView from anywhere around the world

  • SpecView can be remotely controlled from anywere around the world
  • every user works independent of the others
  • more remote users at once

Easy connection to equipment

SpecView communication up and running in minutes
easy connect equipment to network via SpecView

Supported interface types:

  • RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 (up to max. 40 communication ports with multiport option)
  • TCP/IP (ethernet)
  • OPC (universal Open Platform Communications)
  • connect to many devices easily: just a few mouse clicks
  • port scan function for automatic detection of connected devices
  • pre-programmed instrument database (no tedious manual adding of parameters, its already there for you, no mistakes with wrong parameters!)
  • communication port swapping for easy test & maintenance
SpecView HMI SCADA software
just select the parameter you need from the pre-programmed instrument database (quick & easy)

Easy process operation & recipe managment

HMI SCADA software no experience needed
easy to make visualisation
SpecView HMI SCADA software
automate operation quick & easy
SpecView easy recipe management
easy recipe function

Easy development of user interface for operation

  • you know how your process works, so you design your own HMI (human machine interface) yourself and also tailor it to your specific needs quickly lateron. 
  • passwords (various levels, limited access to specific items, login registration)
  • touchscreen compatible integrate your SpecView application onto one of our reliable Japanese Pro-face industrial touchpanel PC’s.

Easy operator action registration & alarm forwaring

  • all operator actions are registered
  • pop-up alarm screen
  • external messaging: email/SMS

Easy recipe management: set device settings according to process needs

  • easy storage of current device settings into a new recipe: just select the needed parameters and save: that’s it, recipe finished!
  • fully flexible recipe functionality (password protected):
    • select recipe from recipe list
    • view selected recipe
    • modify selected recipe (only allowed with password protected access)
    • send selected recipe to devices
  • send a recipe to the devices with a push on a single button or an action trigger
  • multiple recipe screens
  • barcode recipe selection with i.e. a barcode scanner

Easy datalogging, trending, alarming and reporting

  • datalogging of every parameter on time or occurred event
  • trending screens:
    • unlimited number of pens
    • unlimited number of trending screens
    • multiple time axis possible
    • automatic printout
  • alarm / event:
    • activation, operator confirmation and de-activation timestamps
    • alarm history
    • all operation actions are registered
  • reporting:
    • log report for spreadsheet analysis
    • batch reporting
    • automatic reporting / dynamic reporting
  • batch registration:
    • quickly find your data very easily
    • multiple batches at once
easy HMI SCADA datalogging with SpecView
easy trending
SpecView HMI SCADA alarm reporting
easy reporting

Easy process analysis afterwards

Easy data analysis of your process afterwards
Easy analysis afterwards
  • event occurrences list:
    • what did the operator do?
    • when did he/she do it?
  • historical replay function for easy problem analysis afterwards:
    • I would have to see this problem happening myself later
    • did the control valve open correctly?
  • integration of extra information with datalogging:
    • operator comments
    • various additional information
    • test measurements
  • performance analysis:
    • how many products or particles?
    • percentage rejected?
    • relation between various batches

Very interesting for pilot plant & laboratory process testing & development

During process development phase and testing you need to be flexible and agile to keep the development going without having to wait for changes to be performed by external companies:

  • process needs change often and rapidly during testing & development phase. You want to try things out to see if things improve (or not).
  • you need a flexible and easy to change control that you can adapt quickly by yourself
  • sensors and equipment can be added and removed quickly and easily by yourself
  • datalogging of the process can be easily changed also: by yourself

Let the process control grow with the results while you are still in testing and developing phase. When the final system is complete switching to a production version is easy and quick: you’re already there since you already have it in SpecView.

quickly make and modify user interface
easy to make visualisation

CasCade supplies you with all the needed instrumentation and equipment

All you need for a stable control that you can realize yourself in combination with SpecView:

  • temperature & pressure sensors
  • process & temperature controllers
  • power electronics for electrical heating
  • touchpanels and industrial touchpanel PCs (for running SpecView on)
  • analog/digital input/output modules for automation
  • recording/monitoring equipment for all kinds of signals

SpecViews extensive instrument communication driver support

RKC Instrument
Modbus RTU
communication interface
SpecView SCADA with OPC
analog / digital IO modules

Also driver support for:

  • ABB
  • AB Allen Bradley
  • Advantech
  • Ascon
  • Brainchild
  • Carlo Gavazzi
  • Chessell recorders
  • Danfoss
  • Dwyer
  • FGH
  • Gefran
  • Honeywell
  • Jumo
  • Labfacility
  • Mitsubishi MELSEC PLCs
  • Omron
  • Sanyo
  • Shinko
  • Status Instruments
  • Watlow
  • West
  • Yokogawa
  • Eurotherm

Your benefits:

  • easiest way to connect to devices with many equipment support drivers: communication up and running with just a few mouse clicks
  • lean & mean advanced software: runs on any windows based PC as well as industrial touchpanel PC’s. See our line of reliable Japanese Pro-face industrial touchpanel PC’s.
  • more cost effective solution than conventional SCADA software
  • quick-start auto configuration (SpecView automatically scans what is connected to the PC on the serial ports). This gets you started and up and running in just a few minutes
  • very extensive list of equipment driver support
  • communication port swapping function (for easy service & testing)
  • alarm monitoring & registration and handling
  • process trending graphs with extensive functions.
    • unlimited number of pens
    • unlimited number of trending screens
  • datalogging with report generator of every parameter on time or event
  • multi level password protected operation
  • recipe management (for product related equipment and process settings)
  • datalogging with report generator
  • historical overview or your screens (only with historical replay function. Look back what happened for easy problem analysis afterwards!)
  • strategy controller for automation & PLC functionality (only with strategy controller option)
  • unlimited tag numbers
  • support for max. 40 communication ports (with optional multi-port version). Same or different protocols are supported for each port
  • both runtime and development versions of SpecView. The runtime runs on the PC that controls your machine or process. The development version is on your development/service laptop. You can also run the process or machine with the development version of course: it’s up to you to decide:
    • licensing is done via USB dongle
    • run fully IO enabled testversion without USB dongle (time limited). This is for testing and demonstration purposes.
  • very fast direct support from the original engineers that developed the software.

RKC COM-K2 Easy to use universal USB to RS-485/422 interface for serial ModBUS RTU device

RKC Instrument COM K2 serial interface

With the COM_K2 you can connect the service & configuration port of your RKC Instrument controller via an USB port to your laptop / desktop.

This interface also has an extra built-in RS-485 3-wire/RS-422 (4 wire) interface that can be used to interface SpecView to any ModBUS RTU serial device.
Instruction manual COM_K2