This page shows many specific high quality products that were specially designed for the semiconductor industry.

Fast temperature sensors

ST-50/51 Series

Ultra fast film type K thermocouple. Smallest ST-50 has a 50μm tip with response time of only 0.03s. (ambient-250°C in paraffin) 

Examples for use:

  • temperature distribution measurement during glass substrate firing/bonding
  • thermal design verification of power modules
ST series thermocouple for thermal verification
thermal verification
ST51 glass substrate temperature verification
glass substrate temperature

Fast and accurate process & temperature controllers

Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP)

Rapid Thermal Processes like lamp annealing & bonding require controllers with many calculations per second

Waferstepper / lithography & coating

Very accurate (0.001°C) controllers are necessary for keeping the temperature of optics (exposure lenses) & fine mechanics extremely stable.

  • F9000 high accuracy controller (10 PID calculations per second). Excellent control stability through power feed forward.
  • temperature measurement accuracy: +/- 0.05°C
  • temperature control accuracy: +/- 0.001°C
  • measuring range: 0.000°C to +50.000°C
  • 1 or 2 channel version
RKC REX-F9000 advanced temperature controller
+/- 0.001°C accuracy
RKC F9000 advanced temperature control power feed forward
power feed forward

Cascaded temperature control in diffusion furnaces (PVD/CVD)

Master-slave cascaded control is necessary when there is a large time lag between the controlled object and the source with risk of overshoot, especially in chemical vapour deposition (CVD) and physical vapour deposition (PVD) furnaces. 

  • FZ series (20 PID calculations per second) 2 channel version
  • GZ series (100 PID calculations per second) 2 channel version
master-slave cascaded control
master-slave cascaded control

Multizone temperature control in large scale furnaces for OLED/LCD

Large multizone furnaces require many temperature zones to be controlled accurately. In order to keep a good overview with batch/recipe control HMI/SCADA/PLC touchpanels are added for supervisory control. Many fieldbuses available.

  • SRZ multizone system 2/4 channel DIN-rail modules with fieldbus interface (ProfiNET, ProfiBUS, EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, DeviceNET, MODBUS TCP/RTU, CC-Link, MAPMAN  and MECHATROLINK)
  • MA900/901 multizone 4/8 channel panelmount temperature controller
temperature control for multizone OLED/LCD furnace
multizone furnace

Electrical heat-tracing

Electrical heat tracing is used for keeping pipelines and vessels on a stable temperature, and to prevent freezing. We specialize in both reliable and accurate control systems incl. HMI/SCADA/PLC touchpanels for this kind of application.

heat tracing temperature control
electrical heat-tracing

Ramp/soak control for batch processes & furnaces

Accurate and advanced ramp/soak controllers for batch-processes and furnaces. 

  • PZ series ramp/soak controller: easy operation
  • PF900 ramp/soak controller: very advanced functionality
PZ series ramp/soak controller
PF900 advanced ramp/soak controller

Power electronics for driving any kind of electrical heating element

RKC Instrument power electronics

  • very high unsurpassed Japanese quality
  • extreme reliability
  • current range: 10-200A
  • 1, 2 or 3 phase loads
  • load voltage range: 35-480Vac
  • resistive loads (resistance not dependent on temperature)
  • inductive loads (i.e. primary side of transformer)
  • molybdenum (MoSi2) elements (i.e. Kanthal super)
  • silicon carbide (SiC) elements

CD Automation power electronics

  • flexible modular system with many options so you only need to order the options you need
  • current range 10-2100A
  • 1, 2 or 3 phase loads
  • load voltage up to 690Vac
  • resistive loads (resistance not dependent on temperature)
  • inductive loads (i.e. primary side of transformer)
  • infrared (IR) long- medium and short wave lamps
  • molybdenum (MoSi2) elements (i.e. Kanthal super)
  • silicon carbide (SiC) elements
  • UV lamps

Battery powered standalone dataloggers for cleanroom monitoring

SmartReader Plus Series

2-8 channel battery powered  datalogger with internal temperature measurement. Various versions available for:

  • battery lifetime: 10 years under normal use (factory replaceable)
  • thermocouple type J, K, S, T & E (-200°C to +1450°C)
  • RTD Pt100/Pt1000 (-230°C to +300°C)
  • NTC thermistor (-60°C to +255°C)
  • mV/V & mA process signals
  • AC voltage (120/240/480/600Vac) & current (5A to 500A)
  • pressure (0-25mBar to 0-10Bar)
  • differential pressure (+/- 2.5Pa to +/- 25mBar)
  • resistance
  • 24VDC digital IO signal or dry switch contact (max. 100kHz)
SmartReader 4 LPD battery powered low differential pressure datalogger
Example: SmartReader Plus 4 LPD: low differential pressure & temperature
NIST calibration
calibration to NIST standards (optional)