SSNP and SSNZ series

  • available load type: 1 phase resistive
  • maximum load current: 15A or 25A
  • load voltage range: 100-240Vac
  • SSNZ: zero cross firing with soft start/soft down with adjustable time 0.5-40s.
  • SSNP: phase angle with soft start/soft down with adjustable time 0.5-13s.
  • input: 4-20mA
  • fuses: not included
  • Optional: external variable resistor for manual control

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DIN-rail mounting small 21.5mm width

Thin profile (21.5mm wide) for both 15A and 25A thyristor.

Capable of close mounting

A maximum of 8 units can be closely mounted together to a total width of maximum 172mm.

Warning: when the units are mounted closely, the ambient temperature characteristics change.

External dimensions
Temperature characteristics
Model code