Visualisation & Operation

CasCade carries the full program of Pro-face from Japan, both the MMIs (Man Machine Interface) from 3.8 inch to 15 inch and the touchscreen PCs in various sizes and designs.

We not only supply the separate screen, but can also offer a total solution. Our programmers are familiar with the possibilities of touchscreens in detail and have years of experience in programming them. This, in combination with the knowledge of machine controls, measuring & control technology and PLC controls, can also be the right solution for you.

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GP4000 series

Extensive range of advanced touchscreens from 3.5 “to 12” inch
Leaflet GP4000

Pro-face SCADA HMI touchscreens


Modular touch PLC’s touchscreens
Leaflet LT4000M


Low cost entry-level touchscreen 4.3 “widescreen
Leaflet GP4100

SP5000 series

Smart Portal series in 7 “, 10” or 12 “wide screen
Leaflet SP5000

Industrial PCs

PS5000 series

Industrial personal computer 10 “, 15”, 19 “and 22” wide screen
Leaflet PS5000